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Rob Lerner

Rob Lerner

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12/31/18 03:40 PM #1    

Mark Romain

Rob and I were neighbors across the street from each other in Olathe for a number of years.  We lived in our Olathe house from December 1984 to September of 1995.  Rob had a surgical procedure for back pain.  I am not able to remember exactly what the procedure was.  The information that was given to us was that the surgeon dropped an instrument during the procedure and was not aware that an artery had been nicked.  The procedure was completed and he later bled to death that night in recovery.  Sad situation for Carol, his wife, and their daughters, Sarah and Morgan.  Our kids used to play with his.  This is the best I can do about this very sad situation which occurred back in 2004.  Rob played football with me and was a fun neighbor.  Carol is remarried and we still stay in touch.

Mark Romain

01/01/19 01:36 PM #2    

Kristy Zipp (Rasdall)

What tragic many of our classmates died way too soon!

01/01/19 05:15 PM #3    

Robert Pace

 I did not know Robb well but I do remember a very singular moment I had with him while playing football. He and I used to do battle during tackling drills. One day near the end of a drill he paid me the best compliment I almost ever had as a football player when he said it everyone around I’ve never had anybody hit me as hard as you  hit me every day. In football hit means to tackle. I used to hate to tackle him because he used to raise his knees up high and they would often times hit me in the helmet and knocked me loopy. It may seem like a silly thing to bring up but to me at that moment in time it meant the world to me. I’m so sorry to hear of his passing. I was really looking forward to catching up with him. 

01/03/19 11:30 AM #4    

John (Haywood) Sullivan

I met Rob in kindergarten at Queen of the Holy Rosary. He also gave me my nickname, "Haywood."  He was inspired by the then recently appointed Haywood Sullivan, manager of the Kansas City A's.  This was in 1965.

01/04/19 11:03 AM #5    

Tony Moffett

I’m glad you guys remember Rob.  He’s really about the only one I kept in contact with throughout the years.  We were the best man in each other’s wedding.  We played baseball together as kids and softball for about 15 years as adults.  I spent time in the hospital with Carol and the girls the night he died.  I had called him the night before his surgery to wish him good luck (a lot of good that did but I’m glad I at least got to talk to him one last time).  He was a guy you had to get to know.  He either liked you or he didn’t, there was not much in between.  But he was a very loyal friend who would help you any time you needed it.  Mark Romain, you’re correct about the details.  It sounded like a real botch job by the surgeon.  And I agree with you Kristy, the In Memory list is getting waaaaay too long.

02/15/19 11:11 AM #6    

Paul Reitz

Rob and I played in a couple bands together. The Rubber Band with Guy Johnson on bass and Marc Dubois on guitar. I think we made $25 at a church social one time. The Spirit Vine with Howard Lapid on rhythm guitar had a gig at a military base in Herrington, Dec. 1967 (think Spinal Tap but sold out). On the way we had a flat tire and had to unload all Rob's drums from the trunk to get to the spare. Stayed in somebody's house for about 50 cents and had a Right Guard deoderant fight in the room.

Spirit Vine - top: Howard Lapid, Rob, me (keyboards and vocals), bottom Jim Huber, Keith and Elden? From SMN.

Rob and his brothers were into Golden Gloves boxing. They just about destroyed my parents house at a drunken party one night. Johnny Rasmussen and I had to nail the kitchen table back together. I boxed Rob one time, he was left handed and just kept hitting my right arm so hard I couldn't lift it. 

9th grade Rob and Dave Honza  destroyed our Broadmoor YMCA football team by running off tackle slants. The  only year we didn't win the championship.

So sorry to hear he died like Grey's Anatomy gone bad.

05/17/19 03:33 AM #7    

Ingo Lemme

Wow I am so sorry to hear of Rob's untimely and tragic death!  We knew each other since junior high at Nallwood (he may have been in Hoobing's Unified Studies class with me, don't remember for sure).  We weren't really close friends, but he was always a friendly with me.  Our lockers were always close together because of our last names.  We spent time together the night of graduation drinking some beer and listening to the whole "Tommy" double album.  I think that was the last time I saw him, but I remember him as a fine guy

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